Buck Elk Bomb


Buck Elk Bomb


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100% Elk Cow in Heat urine in an aerosol fogger that can be sprayed intermittently or locked down to fog out the entire contents. With a 3 mph breeze this scent will travel a ΒΌ mile attaching itself to leaves, trees, brush, etc. leaving a natural scent trail right back to The Elk Bomb can. Unequaled coverage and broadcast area, covers the hunters down wind side. Create scent trails, mock scrapes, or use while stalking. Great for the Rut, brings out breeding behavior of mature bulls. The most effective way to get fresh estrus scent to the Big Bulls nose.


  • 5 ounces of pure Cow Elk in Heat Urine in an aerosol can that can be dispersed in short bursts or locked down to fog out the entire contents
  • The Elk Bomb urine is provided to us from the Canadian company Buck Expert.
  • The combination of Buck Expert's high quality Cow in Estrus Elk Urine and our atomizing nozzle creates the perfect tool for all elk hunters.
  • This product enables the hunter to play the constantly changing wind and thermals in elk country that make scent control unpredictable.
  • When stalking a 5 second burst of Elk Bomb can quickly diffuse a shifting wind that could give away a hunters position.

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