Antler King Mini Max Plot Mix, 000323

Antler King Mini Max Plot Mix, 000323


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MINI-MAX is a minimum till perennial mixture that will thrive in lower pH soils in the North and South and is an ideal mix for logging roads, power lines, shady and other hard to get to areas.

WHY MINI MAX? Comprised of 4 different varieties of clover, a variety of perennial ryegrass and a variety of rapeseed, this is an ideal mix for deer and turkey that will last from 3-5 years. Mini Max can be planted in the Spring or Fall and can be successful frost seeding or over seeding in the Spring as well. An easy to use food plot that establishes quickly Mini Max offers everything in a backwoods food plot that deer and deer manager desire.

NUTRITION: The varieties of clover provide 20-30% protein in the Spring, Summer and Fall when deer need it most to benefit body, antler and bone growth, whereas the rapeseed and rye will offer additional food well into the Fall and Winter. When the weather turns cold the Rapeseed will convert it’s stored starch reserves into sugars to provide energy to your deer herd when they need it most, providing a food plot that offers food for all 4 seasons.


  • Antler King Food Plot Seed MM225
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